East Middleboro 4-H Fair

East Middleboro 4-H Fair 0

The 65th Annual East Middleboro 4-H Fair is this weekend, so today is the 3rd Annual Middleboro Midday appearance.  Ed starts the show with some talk about last night’ Patriots game and some local news.

Brenda Easter, one of the organizers of the fair, is in studio.  She brought her mom and two of her kids.  They talk about all the exciting stuff that will be happening at the fair this year; including a cow, dressed up chickens, vegetable races, a pie eating contest, and lots of delicious food.  The fair is free and everyone is invited so stop by.  You can find a full schedule for the weekend at www.eastmiddleboro4h.org.

Ed wraps up the show with a conversation with Johnny Rey Justus.


Guests: East Middleboro 4-H

Things that are Carved

Things that are Carved 0

Today is Family Feud!  One hundred people were surveyed and the top six answers are on the board.  Name something that gets carved.

Ed talks about the New England Patriots’ latest roster moves and he reads the Family Feud guesses from listeners.

Andrea Priest, director of the Middleboro COA, calls in .  Ed and Andrea talk about bananas, banana splits, and scarecrows.  Andrea also talks about upcoming COA events like the Dancing through the Decades program and the COA movies.

Ed wraps up with upcoming events, a call from Tony Lopes, and the final answer for the Family Feud game.


Guest: Andrea Priest

Top Ten Famous Dogs

Top Ten Famous Dogs 0

On today’s show, Ed talks about today’s trivia and he has a list of the Top Ten Famous Dogs for National Dog Day.

Diane Stewart, Middleboro Selectman, calls in with the Selectmen’s Report.  She talks about last night’s meeting, the Town Manager Search Committee appointments, and the Smart 911 program.

Ed talks about the fire in Middleboro yesterday, some upcoming events, and he runs down the full list of Top Ten Famous Dogs.


Most Famous Dogs

Puzzle Master Returns!

Puzzle Master Returns! 0

On today’s show, Steve the Intern is in studio and he has brought Jake the Intern’s Intern (aka Puzzle Master).   Ed and the guys talk about banana splits, tongue twisters, all-nighters, and more.  Today’s poll question is which is the best breakfast food; waffles, pancakes, or french toast?

Ed talks about some upcoming events, including an important fundraiser for Krill Carson’s NECWA.  Ed wraps up the show with a brief preview of tonight’s Selectmen’s Meetings in Lakeville and Middleboro and the results of today’s poll.


Waffles-Pancakes-French Toast

Theatre One Productions

Theatre One Productions 0

On today’s show, Ed talks about tonight’s Patriots game and he has Middleboro news.

Peg Holzemer and Kevin Weston are in studio.  They are the producers of the Theatre One Productions’ radio plays.  They talk about their highlights of past productions and their plans for future productions.  There are auditions being held Saturday and Sunday from 1-4pm at the Janice Parent Community Center in Middleboro.

Ed wraps up the show with tomorrow’s breakfast menu at All Are Welcome.


Guests: Peg Holzemer and Kevin Weston

Haiku Hotchkiss!

Haiku Hotchkiss! 0

Today is Family Feud!  Name a place where cowboys hang out.

Ed talks about mosquito warnings and listeners make their best guesses for the Family Feud answers.

Susan “Haiku” Hotchkiss calls in from the Middleboro COA.  She shares her newly written haikus and talks about scarecrows.  She also talks about some of the exciting activities she is planning for the COA, including a Dancing through the Decades event and a trip to New Hampshire.

Ed wraps up with some upcoming events, a bacon lollypop, and a chat with Jack White.


Guest: Susan Hotchkiss

Top Ten Robert Redford Movies

Top Ten Robert Redford Movies 0

On today’s show, Ed talks about trivia and he has a list of the Top Ten Robert Redford Movies.  Ed talks about building a WVBF Scarecrow and he has a reminder about Smart911 for Middleboro residents.

Ed wraps up the show with some upcoming events and a the full rundown of the list of best Robert Redford movies.


Best Robert Redford Movies

Soft Serve Ice Cream Day

Soft Serve Ice Cream Day 0

On today’s show, Pizzaman Steve is in studio.  Ed talks about the first (hopefully annual) Salem Comedy Fest.  He recaps the best joke of the night.

Susan Adams calls in from the Soule Homestead.  She promotes the Harvest Fair and Joe Davies Folk Festival and reveals that there will be another ticket giveaway on Middleboro Midday on September 15th.  She also talks about the summer programs and the upcoming fall workshops.

Today’s poll question is “which is better; soft serve or regular ice cream?”  Listeners submit their answers online and by calling in.

Ed and Steve wrap up the show with the start of a plan to build a Middleboro Midday Scarecrow.


Ice Cream Poll