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On today’s show, Ed starts with a recap of last night’s Red Sox game, the latest news on the funding of the Middleboro Police Station Renovation, and the upcoming Drug Take Back Day.

Local musician, Colette O’Connor, is in studio.  She was first on the show back in 2011.  Kim Hill, host of the monthly Mix N’ Music event at Something’s Brewing in Lakeville, calls in.  They talk about the upcoming Mix N’ Music event which will feature Colette.  Colette then talks about her work with Boston Strong and plays a song she wrote for a fundraising CD.  Colette talks about her songs, the album that she has released, and her plans for future albums.  She then plays a song from her album, “Web in the Corner”.

The show wraps up with a recording of “My Amazing Child” from Colette’s first appearance on the show.


Guests: Colette O'Connor and Kim Hill

Family Feud!

Family Feud! 0

Today’s Family Feud! Name something you would hate to see crawling around in your kitchen.  Listeners guess the top six answers.

Ed is still sick, and he sounds like a different person.  He talks about the slow start to the season that the Red Sox are dealing with.

Andrea Priest calls in from the Middleborough COA.  She talks about her highlights of the Herring Run Festival and some of the upcoming events at the COA.

Ed wraps up with a preview of South Shore News and Views from Jack White.


Guest: Andrea Priest

Tax Day!

Tax Day! 0

Today is Tax Day.  Ed is feeling sick, and he sounds worse than he feels.  Roger Haber voluntarily sticks around to make sure that if Ed can’t continue, there won’t be dead air on WVBF.  Ed and Roger talk about taxes and how long it took to try and file state taxes on their website.

Allin Frawley, Middleboro Selectman, calls in.  He has some upsetting news about the state aid that will be given to Middleboro Schools this year.  They are giving a 0.5% increase.  That alone would be bad, but some communities are recieving a 10% increase in funds.  The reasons for the inequity is unexplained.  Allin also reports on last night’s Selectmen’s Meeting.

Aaron Burke, Lakeville Selectman, calls in.  He reports on Lakeville’s Selectmen’s Meeting.  They reorganized the board, with John Powderly as the new chairman.  They also moved the date of the Annual Town Meeting to June 9th and discussed the proposal from the Parks Commission to repave the Ted Williams driveways.

Ed and Roger wrap up the show with some trivia and a list of the Top Ten Most Popular Fast Food Chains.


Sickness and Taxes

International Moment of Laughter Day

International Moment of Laughter Day 0

Today is International Moment of Laughter Day, so Ed and Steve the Intern share a good laugh.  They talked about their busy weekends.  Steve went to a play and Ed spent a lot of time at the Herring Run Festival.  The question of the day is for National Pecan Day.  How do you pronounce pecan?

The Herring Run Festival was a great success!  The highlights were the herring and the apple cider donuts.  The festival had over 2000 visitors.  The Friday night kickoff with live music and ghost stories in the Town Hall was fun, but the Oliver Mill Park Festival set up on Saturday and Sunday was organized perfectly.  Really, it was a great community event.

Ed also talks about Saturday’s comedy fundraiser for Build It For Robin’s Children and his strange ice cream choice from Cold Stone Creamery.  They wrap up the show with some talk about taxes, a preview of Lakeville’s Selectmen’s Meeting, and some upcoming events in Middleboro.


Pecan Pronunciation Poll

Middleborough Public Library

Middleborough Public Library 0

On today’s show, Ed starts with some late news from Middleboro’s election last Saturday.  There was a seat on the Finance Committee that didn’t have a candidate.  Richard Pavadore won the seat by write-in vote and has decided to accept the position.  Ed also talks about a location change for tonight’s kick-off for the Herring Run Festival.

The director of the Middleborough Library, Danielle Bowker, calls in.  She talks about the latest news from the Library and some of their online services that are pretty exciting.  There is Freegal (a music downloading program), Mango (a language learning program), and lots more.  Check them out at www.MidLib.org.  Danielle also talks about the Herring Run Festival events that the Library will host and some upcoming children’s programs.

Ed wraps up the show with a little comedy, some upcoming events in Middleboro, and a preview of Radio Head Rush with Johnny Rey Justus.


Guest: Danielle Bowker


Farm-Livin’ 0

Family Feud!  One hundred people were surveyed and the top six answers are on the board.  Name something you’d hate about living on a farm.

On today’s show, Ed goes over the schedule for this weekend’s Herring Run Festival at Oliver Mill Park.  Ed also talks about the Red Sox season so far and some of the great things going on in Middleboro these days.

Andrea Priest, COA director, calls in.  She talks about the Herring Run Festival and some of the stuff going on at the Council on Aging this month.  Sign up for Barn Babies on April 24th before it’s full.  Call the COA at 508-946-2490.

Ed wraps up the show with the rest of the Family Feud answers.


Guest: Andrea Priest

Zoo Lovers Day

Zoo Lovers Day 0

On today’s show, Ed talks about today’s trivia and gives the topic of today’s top ten list.  Today is Zoo Lovers Day, so Ed has a list of the Top Ten Zoo Animals.  Ed talks with Linda about her correct UConn Championship prediction and the story out of New York that the Yankees accidently introduced Jacoby Ellsubry on opening day.

Ed talks about the results of yesterday’s election in Lakeville.  Mitzi Hollenbeck, past guest on Middleboro Midday, was elected to the Board of Selectmen.  Then Allin Frawley, Middleboro Selectman, calls in.  He talks about Middleboro’s election and last night’s Selectmen’s Meeting.  Allin was appointed as Chairman and some of the members of the Herring Fishery Commission came in to report to the Board.

Ed wraps up the show with information about Free Cone Day and the rest of the answers to the trivia questions and the top ten list.


Top Ten Zoo Animals

National No Housework Day

National No Housework Day 0

On today’s show, Ed talks about his weekend.  He saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier; and he gives his review.  He also talks about setting a personal record for most frisbee completions, with some of his cousins.  Ed shares the Question of the Day: in honor of No Housework Day, what is your least favorite household chore?

Steve the Intern calls in from home where he is preparing for a concert featuring a weird Canadian band.  He talks about his least favorite chore and his method of handwashing.

Allin Frawley, newly re-elected Middleboro Selectman, calls in.  He talks about Saturday’s election and its results.  He also shares some fun conversation about the Herring Run.

Ed wraps up the show with a run through of today’s election ballot in Lakeville and his pick for tonight’s NCAA March Madness Tournament Championship Game.  He picked the Huskies.


Worst Chore Poll