You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown

You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown 0

On today’s show, Ed starts by talking about The Dress.  The confusing phenomenon of a picture taken of a dress; where 75% of the population sees the dress as a white and gold dress and 25% of the population sees the dress as a blue and black dress.  It’s a very rare instance of the internet making something a way bigger deal than it is, but also missing the part of the story that was absolutely crazy.

Susan Schobel, director of You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown, calls in.  This is her first time directing a performance, but the play is a great choice and she has a great cast of young actors.  Opening night is next Thursday at 7pm at the Alley Theatre.  There will also be performances on Friday at 7pm, Saturday at 2pm, and Saturday at 7pm.  Find more information or reserve tickets at

Ed wraps up the show with some calls about The Dress and he previews some upcoming events.


Guest: Susan Schobel

Middleboro on Chronicle

Middleboro on Chronicle 0

On today’s show, Allin Frawley calls in with breaking news.  The annual Parks Department Canoe Race will be held on Saturday, May 9th.  Ed and Allin talk about Chronicle’s Mystery Town segment that featured Middleboro and aired last night. Ed also introduces the Family Feud question for today.  “Name a job where you might get wet.”

Andrea Priest, director of the Middleboro COA, calls in.  She talks about canoe races, the Chronicle feature, and she makes some guesses for the answers to the Family Feud game.  They also talk about the Herring Run Festival, which will take place on April 11th and 12th.  Andrea also talks about events coming up at the COA, including some movies being shown.  Ed convinces her to show The LEGO Movie, since that was the “Most Fun” movie from 2014.

Ed wraps up the show with a preview of South Shore News and Views from Jack White.


Canoe Race - May 9th

Tuesday Trivia

Tuesday Trivia 0

On today’s show, Ed starts by talking about his short term memory loss and how this means he might be getting older.  He also talks about the great comedy show last night at New World Tavern.  Everyone should come to the show next month on March 30th.

Ed shares today’s trivia, asks some trivia questions, and he has a list of the top ten most fun movies from last year.  Each year Ed awards a movies the title of “Most Fun”.  This is the movie people enjoyed watching and talking about.  It doesn’t have to be a movie that received a lot of attention at the Oscars.  It’s just a fun movie.

Allin Frawley calls in with the Middleboro Selectmen’s Report.  The highlight of the meeting was the formation of a School Building Committee.  Aaron Burke calls in with the Lakeville Selectmen’s Report.  The highlight of their meeting was a hearing with Comcast about their plan to move to Raynham.

Ed wraps up the show with the reveal of 2014′s Most Fun Movie!


Most Fun Movie

National Banana Bread Day

National Banana Bread Day 0

Today is National Banana Bread Day.  Ed asks a poll question about which addition is better; chocolate chips or walnuts.  Listeners submit their votes.

Roger Haber calls in from Belarus.  He talks about what was going on in his life.  He talks about the seminary students love of McDonalds and he shares his thoughts on banana bread and the Oscars.  Ed shares his thoughts about last night’s Oscars show.  The highlight was “Everything is Awesome” and the lowlight was the length.

Ed wraps up the show with a preview of tonight’s Comedy Monday at New World Tavern and the Middleboro and Lakeville Selectmen’s Meetings.


Banana Bread Poll

Love is Out There

Love is Out There 0

On today’s show, Ed previews the Best Picture Oscar.  His prediction is Birdman for the win.  Ed also talks about this weekend’s storm and how the rain might be just as bad as more snow.

Katie Brandt and her son, Noah, are in studio to talk about their non-profit Love is Out There.  They are raising awareness and educating people about Frontotemporal Degeneration (FTD).  Katie talks about her personal experience and how she found the inspiration for this project.  Katie will be participating in Boston’s Rare Disease Day on February 23rd at the State House.  For more information and to find out how you can do something to help, visit

Ed wraps up the show with All Are Welcome’s breakfast special and a reminder about Soule Homestead’s Valentine’s Day Fundraising Dance.


Guests: Noah and Katie Brandt

Things for a Patio

Things for a Patio 0

Today is Family Feud! 
One hundred people were surveyed and the top five answers are on the board. Name something people buy for their patio.

Ed starts the show by talking about the Mars One Project, which is planning on starting a colony on Mars.

Andrea Priest calls in from the Middleboro COA.  She talks about the issues that come with so much snow, patio furniture, and one way flights.  She shares her thoughts on a potential Mars colony and talks about some of the upcoming COA events.  She also talks about some of the important items needed for the Senior Food Pantry.

Ed wraps up the show with a preview of South Shore News and Views from Jack White.


Mars Colony

Top Ten US Presidents

Top Ten US Presidents 0

On today’s show, Ed talks to Mitzi Hollenbeck about last week’s Winterfest 2015.  She recaps her favorite moments and looks forward to other possible events organized by the Community Development Committee in Lakeville.

Ed talks about today’s trivia.  He asks some trivia questions and he has a list of the Top Ten Most Popular US Presidents, in honor of Presidents’ Day.

Alison Mello calls in to talk about her charitable project.  She is making fleece blankets to give to Lakeville Seniors.  She is collecting fleece donations that she can turn into blankets.  Donations can be made at the Lakeville Senior Center, the Lakeville Library, or the Lakeville Town Hall.

Ed wraps up the show with some upcoming events and the answers to the trivia and top ten list.


Best Presidents

Middleboro Gazette

Middleboro Gazette 0

On today’s show, Ed starts by giving Bob Folcik the “Dum-Dum Challenge”.  Then Ed talks about the upcoming storm dumping more snow, with no where to put it.  He also mentions the cancellation of tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day fundraising dance because of the weather.

Jon Haglof, editor of the Middleboro Gazette, calls in.  He talks about his photography and how that relates to his work at the Middleboro Gazette.  He also talks about taking over as Editor, what that transition was like, and some of the things he is looking forward to having the paper cover in the future.

Ed wraps up with a reminder that tomorrow’s breakfast special at All Are Welcome is Boston Cream French Toast.


Guest: Jon Haglof