Top Ten Robin Williams Movies

Top Ten Robin Williams Movies 0

On today’s show, Ed talks about today’s trivia and the topic of today’s top ten list.  Yesterday was Robin Williams’ birthday, so Ed has a list of the Top Ten Robin Williams Movies.  Listeners make their best guesses for which films made the list.

Ed talks about news and notes from the last couple of days.  David Ortiz hit homeruns, Krill Carson won an award, and S’mores were tested and discussed.  There were mosquitoes that tested positive for EEE and a hawk attacked a man in Lakeville.

Ed wraps up the show with a call about the hawk attack and the answers to the trivia and top ten list.


Best Robin Williams Movies

National Junk Food Day

National Junk Food Day 0

On today’s show, Steve the Intern is in studio and he has brought his friend Matt.  Today is National Junk Food Day so Ed has a poll question for listeners regarding what their favorite junk food is.  Ed, Steve, and Matt disagree about whether or not pizza is junk food.

Listeners call in with their favorite junk food and inevitably the topic turns to s’mores since this is the SUMMER OF S’MORES!

Ed wraps up the show with some local news and upcoming events.


Junk Food Poll

Miss Massachusetts Outstanding Teen

Miss Massachusetts Outstanding Teen 0

On today’s show, Ed talks about local news including downtown vandals and a hawk attack.

Courtney Adelman in Studio

Then Miss Massachusetts Outstanding Teen Courtney Adelman is in studio.  She talks about MMOT pageant competitions and her preparation.  She talks about her platform and why its important to her and the national competition that she will be participating in next week.

Ed wraps up the show with a conversation with Johnny Rey Justus.


Guest: Courtney Adelman

S’mores Reports

S’mores Reports 0

On today’s show, Ed starts with a lot of phone calls.  Allin Frawley is first and he becomes an unofficial co-host.  The first caller has a new twist on s’mores called S’more Dip.  The next caller has some thoughts on s’mores and on dogs.  Then Intern Cody calls in with another s’mores report.  Finally the best caller of 2014 calls in.

Allin Frawley gives this week’s Selectmen’s Report which is highlighted by the retirement of Middleboro’s Town Manager and Police Chief.

Ed wraps up with today’s Family Feud game!  Name a kind of place where time seems to pass very slowly.  Listeners make their best guesses.

Ed talks about some upcoming events and gets a preview of South Shore News and Views from Jack White.


Summer of S'mores!

Top Ten Famous Rabbits

Top Ten Famous Rabbits 0

On today’s show, Ed talks about today’s trivia and asks listeners to guess the Top Ten Famous Rabbits in honor of Rabbit Week.  Ed talks about last night’s Home Run Derby and the news that Charlie Cristello is retiring as the Middleboro Town Manager.

Aaron Burke, Lakeville Selectman, calls in to talk about last night’s meeting.  The Selectmen took some time to discuss the priorities of the board and planned to return to this topic quarterly.

Ed wraps up the show with some upcoming events and a preview of Psychic Stew from Dawn Carr.


Famous Rabbits

French Fries Day

French Fries Day 0

Today is National French Fries Day in honor of French Independence Day.  Today’s poll question is about the best kind of French Fries.  Ed and Steve talk about Plymouth’s July 12th celebration and Steve remembers how to speak french.   They also talk about the “Summer of S’mores!” and Ed updates Steve on his s’more experimentation.   They also talk about the World Cup and Ed’s losing lobster bet.

They wrap up with upcoming events and a S’mores Report from Allin Frawley.


French Fries Poll

Krazy Days 2014

Krazy Days 2014 0

Paulette Lilla and Ginny Landis, the organizers of Krazy Days 2014, are in studio.  They talk about the expansion of this year’s event and some of the things visitors can expect.  There will be lots of local vendors, live music, children’s activities, a community dinner, and a BBQ cook-off.  Find forms and more information at  Sign up to volunteer or play music by emailing the organizers at


Guests: Paulette and Ginny

Men’s Fears

Men’s Fears 0

Today is Family Feud!  One hundred people were surveyed and the top six answers are on the board.  Name something men need courage to do.  Listeners make their best guesses.

Andrea Priest calls in from the Middleboro COA.  Ed and Andrea talk about men’s fears and they share some performance stories.  They also talk about sugar cookies, whoopie pies, and upcoming COA events.

Ed wraps up with a conversation with Jack White and a preview of South Shore News and Views.


Guest: Andrea Priest