Soule Homestead

Soule Homestead 0

On today’s show, Ed talks about the whiny Ravens and the NFL’s rule change.  Allin Frawley calls in with a Middleboro Selectmen’s Report and talks about the recent controversy at the Middleboro School Committee meetings.

Meg Riley, the new Executive Director at Soule Homestead, call in.  She talks about why she’s excited to work at Soule Homestead.  She also previews Sheep Day (on Saturday, May 2nd), a vernal pool hike (on April 18th), and the April Vacation Program.  Find more information at

Ed wraps up the show with tomorrow’s breakfast menu at All Are Welcome.


Guest: Meghan Connelly Riley

Words for Money

Words for Money 0

Today is Family Feud! One hundred people were surveyed and the top seven answers are on the board. 
Name another word besides “money” that means the same thing.

Listeners play Family Feud and Ed talks to Susan “Haiku” Hotchkiss.  She calls in from the Middleboro COA to fill everyone in on this year’s day trips and April’s planned entertainment.  She also writes another original haiku while she waits on hold.

Ed wraps up with Jack White.


Haiku Hotchkiss!

National Chip and Dip Day

National Chip and Dip Day 0

Today is National Chip and Dip Day.  Chips are edible spoons. Dips are the best.  Which dip is the best of the best, that’s the real question.  In fact, that is today’s poll question on the show.  Ed talks about his favorite dips, the NCAA March Madness Tournament, and Middleboro’s election.  He also talks about the new Monopoly game that has renamed the properties after US cities.  Boardwalk will be Pierre, South Dakota.  What?!

Ed also previews tonight’s Lakeville and Middleboro Selectmen’s Meetings.  He talks about some authors speaking at local libraries, All Are Welcome’s lunch menu for Thursday, and the Sacred Heart Food Pantry’s fundraiser.


Best Dip Poll

Beer and Wine Fundraiser

Beer and Wine Fundraiser 0

On today’s show, Ed talks about his week and all the fun things he missed talking about because he wasn’t on the air.  Boston got the record for snowfall in a winter, Vince Wilfork signed with the Houston Texans, and Ed went to Boston for the annual Kick Butts Day event.

Al Cronin is in studio to talk about the Sacred Heart Food Pantry and their upcoming fundraiser.  They are holding their annual fine wine and craft beer tasting fundraiser.  It will be hosted by the the Oak Point in the ballroom on Thursday night from 6-9pm.  Tickets are just $15 and the proceeds all support the mission and work of the Sacred Heart Food Pantry.  The fundraiser will have local food samples, a basket raffle, and a silent auction in addition to beer and wine samples.

Ed wraps up the show with some other weekend events in Middleboro.


Guest: Al Cronin

Mars One Finalist

Mars One Finalist 0

On today’s show, Ed talks about the New England Patriots off-season moves, reminds everyone to attend tomorrow’s Anniversary Breakfast at All Are Welcome, and gives some details about the upcoming Beer and Wine Tasting Fundraiser for Sacred Heart Food Pantry.

After the first break, Peter Degen-Portnoy calls in.  He is one of the 100 finalists for the Mars One Mission.  He talks about the application process and why he was interested in applying.  He also talks about this fall, when the finalists will begin training and the 100 will be reduced to a final 40.  Peter also talks about the difficulty of leaving family, and the excitement of the adventure of visiting a new planet.

Ed wraps up the show with a sad announcement of the passing of his grandmother.


Guest: Peter Degen-Portnoy

International Day of Awesomeness!

International Day of Awesomeness! 0

Today, everything is awesome!

Ed has some trivia and some news regarding the Patriots off-season.  Today is Chuck Norris’ 75th birthday, so Ed has a list of the Top Ten Best Chuck Norris Facts.  Listeners submit their own favorite facts and some actual, real-life facts are shared.

Allin Frawley calls in with the Middleboro Selectmen’s Report.  Ed and Allin talk about the April 4th Election and they push for someone to run a write-in campaign for an empty seat on the Finance Committee.

Ed wraps up with upcoming events and the rest of the Chuck Norris Facts


Chuck Norris Facts

Milk and Cereal

Milk and Cereal 0

On today’s show, Ed talks about breakfast at All Are Welcome and asks today’s poll question.  Yesterday was National Cereal Day, so Ed asks listeners; which do you pour first; the milk or the cereal?   Turns out, there are no surprises.  Most people pour the cereal first.

Ed talks about the Patriots signing of Devin McCourty and he talks about the news of the envelope of money that was found in Hingham last year.

Ed wraps up the show with a preview of tonight’s Middleboro and Lakeville Selectmen’s Meetings.


Milk vs. Cereal

AAW Anniversary

AAW Anniversary 0

On today’s show, Ed talks about the sad news that Vince Wilfork likely won’t be back playing for the Patriots next year.  He also reminds everyone to buy baked goods from Battistini’s Bakery and to go see “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown” at the Alley Theatre tonight or tomorrow.

Karen Cook calls in to talk about All Are Welcome.  She fills everyone in on January’s fundraiser, the 5.5k Road Race.  She also talks about the great volunteers, what a week at All Are Welcome looks like, and future plans for All Are Welcome.  Ed and Karen also talk about the 3rd anniversary of All Are Welcome, which is next Saturday.  There will be Irish Breakfast Specials, live music, and banana cream pie giveaways.  They also talk about how the menu specials are decided on.  If you want to find out more about All Are Welcome, read about their mission and find their menu at


Guest: Karen Cook